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  • Book Reviews

    Choke Box by Christina Milletti

    How dangerous is a butter knife? In Christina Milletti’s Choke Box: a Fem-Noir, the answer is very.


    Notes on a Departure by Abigail Oswald

    We find the crop circle at the end of June. Mira wants to lie down in its center, so we do and she takes off her shirt, like sunbathing at midnight.

    Book Reviews

    Leonard and Hungry Paul by Rónán Hession

    The opening paragraph of Leonard and Hungry Paul introduces one of the two main characters and sets the tone — seemingly straightforward, quirky — that makes this first novel by Irish author Rónán Hession such a delight.

    Research Notes

    Kim Hooper on Tiny

    Kim Hooper writes about the research behind her new novel Tiny.


    Rustler by William Hawkins

    She asks, What’s a rustler anyway?


    Showing by C.M. Lindley

    They were invited to a showing at the local theatre. Attendees were told nothing about it, only to e with a set of open eyes. Not everyone had a pair of those, and it was easy to see who did and did not, once the show began.

    Book Reviews

    Our Colony Beyond The City Of Ruins by Janalyn Guo

    Our Colony Beyond the City of Ruins, the debut collection from Janalyn Guo, presents twelve pieces of fabulist fiction bursting with splendid and unsettling transformations.


    Sparrow by Diogo Ribeiro

    Our father kept a hole in his chest.


    An Interview With Michael Nye

    Michael Nye discusses his novel All The Castles Burned and his editorship of STORY with Kathy Bates.

    Book Reviews

    Miss Jane: The Lost Years by Kat Meads

    In a happy postscript to Kat Meads’ novel, Miss Jane: The Lost Years, the female chorus celebrates a fact often lost in stories about sexual predation: victims manage to escape their abusers and “defeat every tiny tyrant.”


    Tabula Rasa by Jon Doyle

    Every morning, I write the day’s most important headlines on a blackboard.

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